What to Look for When Selecting Black Slacks


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Jaynejo posted a question on Facebook:  “I would like to purchase a pair of dress wool slacks.  I live in a warm climate but sometimes travel to cooler climates.  Can you teach me what to look for.”


I love answering questions like this because planning a purchase before going shopping saves time and money.  Instead of going from store to store to store and trying on slacks after slacks, an online search for specific criteria narrows the number of stores down to only those that carry the specific article of clothing.


First step is to develop criteria or specific features you would like to have in your pair of black wool slacks.  To do this I asked Jaynejo the name or type of her current favorite slacks and why she likes them.  Her favorites are Briggs of New York Women’s Curvey  Pant and Lee Comfort  fit  Straight Leg  Stretch Twill.   She likes these two pair because:

Stretch or give

Little or no wrinkling

Comfort Waist


I then asked her why she wanted  wool slacks instead of another type of fabric.  Jaynejo was introduced to Merino wool by Jan Ditchfield of Ditchfield Designs,  Australia.   Jaynejo then read the Fabrics.net article on Merino wool and decided that this type of wool was something she would enjoy wearing.  She found Merino wool yarn and has made several sweaters that really suit her purposes:  Comfort from temps in desert to mountains, cruises.  Merino wool regulates temperature by being warm when needed or cool when needed and can be dressy or casual depending on the weight and style.


Further criteria based on lifestyle and use of garment.  Jaynejo travels at least half of the year from Australia to Arizona to Colorado to Ireland on cruises or airplane or car.   Since the Merino wool recommendation was exactly what she loves, she decided that wool slacks would be an important addition to her wardrobe.


Putting all of the criteria together wool slacks would ideally have the following:

Stretch or give

Little or no wrinkling

Comfort waist

Merino wool

Washable or dry clean

Now it is time to go shopping online.


Although the current season is summer and finding a pair of wool slacks might be difficult, Jaynejo isn’t in a hurry.  My search of the internet resulted in three pairs of wool slacks.

Since the Merino wool article at Fabrics.net mentioned Ibex, I checked with their web site and found Ibex 101 explains their wool and has two pair of wool slacks, Izzi Pant or Energy Sport Pant which is Merino, nylon and lycra.  The Energy Sport Pant is also Merino, nylon and lycra.


Nordstroms carries a Layfette 148 Irving Stretch Wool Pant which is virgin wool and elastine.


Remembering back to 1963 and a suit that I loved that was a St John Knits, quality wool, unlined, classic.  St John Knits I didn’t find specifics of their black wool slacks but their winter line will probably carry at least one black wool knit slack.


Hope this gives an idea how to learn what to look for  when shopping for wool slacks.  Please let me know, Jaynejo, what you decide.


Meanwhile I am so happy that I can make my own black wool slacks from quality fabric we carry in our store at Fabrics.net.  I have a choice of Wool Double Knit Jersey or woven wool fabric like our Cashmere or  English Wool Crepe or Wool Satin Gabardine or maybe a Silk Knit Jersey and the list goes on.




Judith has been studying and writing about fabrics for over 50 years. Passionate about textiles, she explains that researching is like collecting clues to build the full picture of each subject. Judith always looks for the sunny side of life.

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