How To Start Your Dyeing Process

Dear Jennifer:
I am an experienced home sewer and have been interested in learning to dye my own fabrics. I saw your website and am very interested in getting some information from you.
Could you guide me on how to get started? I know nothing about this. Also, is there a newsletter associated with you that I could sign up for?
I would love to hear back from you and thank you in advance.

Dear Marie,
I am excited about your interest in fabric dyeing! It is really fun, greatly rewarding (you can see the results of your work right away), and quite creative.
Asking about fabric dyeing in general is sort of like asking about “car repair” or “banking.” This is a huge subject and the answer depends on what you want to do with the end result. Many people get started in this field because they are quilters who cannot find the exact shade that they want – or they want a family of shades to create a particular effect. Others are artists who want a new medium. As for me, I love color, texture, and fabric, and became curious to see what I could do if turned loose on apparel and accessories.
The reactive dyes work vividly and easily on cotton, like cotton t-shirts, quilter’s cotton, muslin, etc. They also work beautifully on silk and rayon, but the results are a bit more unpredictable.
The best place to begin learning about fabric dyeing using the reactive dyes is www.dharmatrading.com. The good folks at Dharma have been in the biz of color and fabric for over 30 years. They began as a supplier to the tie-dyeing trade. Look at their website, then request a copy of their catalog. The catalog is an education in itself. Plunge in and experiment! You can write back to me with specific questions and I will do my best! Have fun!

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