I Have A Prototype

Hi Andy. I’m in the process of attaining a patent on a product that I’ve designed. I have a prototype; however, it’s not the fabric that I would like to have for the end product result. I’m in the very beginning stages of my startup but have done a lot of research. I know what I want my fabric to feel like. I actually asked (adampluseve-a company that was on Oprah’s show) a questions on how did he get his t-shirt to feel so soft. He says to go the LA and NY fabric markets to find the right fabrics for my product. I need a second opinion. Is this true.
OR should I attend the Magic Show in Las Vegas in August, or the Dallas Market Fabric show in July. Maybe I will meet someone to help me market my product? What do you think? Remember I’m just a Neophyte in this. Thanks,

Dear Ralances: Yes, it is true. Attend the Magic Show( visit www.fabricshow.com) to register to attend. The show in New York can be reached at www.material-world.com.
Both would be great for you to meet lots of textile vendors.
Good Luck, Andy

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