I Need A Certain Fabric

Hi, Andy. I’m currently wearing a nifty (and cheap) pair of gaucho pants that are 47%rayon, 46% poly and 7% spandex. It’s lightweight stuff with a gorgeous drape and it doesn’t ravel or roll at the edges. The issue: I want this fabric (or a v. similar rayon/poly/spandex blend) to make a skirt I’ve got in mind. I’ve seen this fabric used in tons of commercial things this year, but I can’t find it on bolts, and don’t want to pay for a garment I’m going to cut up into raw materials. I’ve checked at Hancock’s and Joann’s, and they don’t have it. Do you have any idea where I can get it? Undyed might be preferable because I want a few specific colors, but dyed could work. Thanks, Claire

Dear Claire: Short of taking a trip to China or wherever on the planet your Gaucho pants were made, I doubt that you will be able to find the exact fabric. Manufacturers have these fabrics custom made for their use. You may have to cut up the pants to make the skirt. Good Luck, Andy

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