I Need Less Fabric

I need to know how to convert from a 45″ piece of fabric to a 90″ in yards. I know I need less fabric but how to convert these measurements. For example if it takes 3 1/2 yrs of 45 wide how many does it take for 90’wide, do I cut this into half?
Thank You

Hi Elaine,
Andy passed your question on to me to answer. Vogue Patterns has a Fabric Conversion chart at http://www.voguepatterns.com but I noticed that it doesn’t go to 90″. Your answer isn’t as easy as just cutting the 90″ in half to get the yardage requirement from 45″ to 90″ fabric width and depends a lot on what you are making.
What I suggest is for you to find a table that is 45″ wide and lay your pattern pieces out on the table, making sure you have the pieces that require a fold to be on a fold. Then measure the length of the pattern pieces on the 45″ table. This should give you the fabric requirement for a 90″ folded width of fabric.
Hope I described this so you can understand!

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