I Need To Soften My Garment

I recently purchased a Harvester Hypo-down duvet comforter (at http://www.allergybuyersclubshopping.com/oharv700comforter.html). The fabric covering is unbleached, undyed chemical-free long staple Egyptian cotton with 312 threat count. The first night I slept in it I noticed that it made a lot of noise, like crackling paper, when it moved (I thought it a bit like sleeping in a paper bag). I’m wondering whether there is anything that I can do to soften the fabric (e.g. put it in the dryer with fabric softener, send it to a dry cleaner, etc.) or whether I can expect it to simply soften over time. I’d really appreciate your opinion. Thanks. Suzanne

Dear Suzanne: Yes it will soften over time. You went out of your way to buy a “special, chemical free fabric”, so don’t add softener or, heaven forbid, bring it to a Dry Cleaner. Those chemicals will ruin the benefits of “chemical free fabrics”. Pleasant dreams and Good Luck, Andy

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