I Wanted Ivory Not Yellow

Dear Jennifer,
I have very expensive, custom made and professionally mounted (on wooden boards with pulleys attached) Austrian balloon shades that are too “yellow” for my ivory decor. (I should add this was my fault.. The fabric looked ivory enough prior to the shades being made…. Once the gathering was completed and the shades mounted, the end result was very much different that I had envisioned) In any case, I believe the investment wouldn’t be a total waste if I could lighten the fabric. I am prepared to immerse the entire fabric shade, mounting board and all, into a vat, bathtub type of “bath” to assure uniform coloring (or lack thereof, in this case) In know that the fabric must be synthetic as every commercially available product has failed to budge the color.. Can you help? I would really appreciate any info you could offer to lighten the color… (It would save the costly project and my “happy” home>)
Thanks. Pamela

Dear Pamela,
I would not advise trying to bleach or lighten your shades, no matter what fabric they are made of. You will very likely end up with a mess and possibly damaging the construction. Even if you found a product that would discharge the existing color, the biggest risk is that the lightening effect will not take evenly across the fabric. Maybe you want to re-do the room to be more yellow, pick up the tone with some accessories, or even add whiter sheers. (If it is any comfort, some of my best creative projects start out with “accidents” like this.)

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