Im Selling Baby Quilts

Hi Andy,
I have a home based business and I sell baby quilts (hand quilted but not heavily quilted). These quilts are prewashed in the factory but they are wrinkled quite a bit. The quilt is made with 100% outer fabric and 100% polyester filling. Can you give me some suggestion how I can remove the wrinkle? Should I just use regular steam iron, steam press, or garment steamer? I have hundreds of these quilts to be ironed. I wonder what’s the fastest way to remove wrinkles nicely without ruining the quilt. Any comment will be appreciated.

Vivian: Visit your local dry cleaner with one quilt and see if they can remove the wrinkles. If they can, see if you can work out a volume deal with them. If the first cleaner does not want to deal, find one that will. If they can’t get out the wrinkles, contact your supplier and see what they suggest.
Good Luck,

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