Industrial Hemp Used in Clothing and Construction?

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Textiles made from hemp have many uses and many advantages over other fibers.  Hemp fabric does not deteriorate in sunlight, gets softer as it is worn and cleaned, can be blended with many fibers, just to name a few advantages.

Gene Johnson, Associated Press gives a brief history:  UpperMichigansSource.com – As pot goes proper, a history of weed – News – UpperMichigansSource.com

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Hemp became more important to the colonies as New Englands own shipping industry developed, and homespun hemp helped clothe American soldiers during the Revolutionary War.

In addition to hemp clothing, Hempcrete:  Hempcrete: made from hemp, used to build houses | Hang The


Still, the Hempcrete mixture of hemp, lime and water is being used to some extent for construction jobs across America. One of the companies working with Hempcrete is Hemp Technologies, a construction company based in

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Industrial hemp grows like a weed, no pun intended.  The plant requires good soil, water and fertilizer but no herbiscides or pestiscides.  The plant grows quickly and is ready for harvest in approximately 120 days.  Industrial hemp can be used in food, shelter, clothing and medicine.Greener threads: Making clothing and housing with hemp | Cape


Not simply satisfied with educating consumers through the Hemporium brand, Tony has begun lobbying government to allow commercial hemp cultivation – hoping that in hemp theyll see a sustainable building material able

A good source for hemp information and hemp fabric is Hemp Traders.  





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