Information On The Fabric Industry

I stumbled across you website while looking for the definition of the word “jobber” What is the difference between a fabric converter and a jobber? Also, I am attempting to get a product manufactured here in the U.S. and I have been looking for a good book to teach me about the fabrics industry. Can you recommend one?
Thank You for your time.

Dear John: Welcome. A jobber is a company or person that buys excess fabric from one company and resells the fabric to another company. It may be a garment manufacturer that bought too much of a color, or it was the wrong color, or they had a cancellation. The jobber offers a price that they can buy the fabric at, and then resell it at a profit. A converter, buys greige(unfinished) fabric and has it dyed or printed to order. He “converts” it from one form to another. I don’t know of any books that can teach you about fabric, but may I suggest you visit your local library. They, I’m sure, will have what you need. Good Luck, Andy

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