Insects That Bug Us In The Home

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Nanotechnology stops bed bugs in their tracks – R&D Magazine

http://www.rdmag.comFri, 31 May 2013 14:54:03 GMT

Bed bugs now need to watch their step. Researchers at Stony Brook University have developed a safe, non-chemical resource that literally stops bed bugs in their tracks. This innovative new technology acts as a man-made 

A moth hole in a wool garment is enough to cause a grown woman to panic and run for the nearest computer to find answers.  This article may calm the panic:

[Moth Management] Managing Clothes Moths – PCT Magazine

http://news.google.com<Thu, 30 May 2013 19:50:02 GMT

[Moth Management] Managing Clothes MothsPCT MagazineThis sentence is often the beginning of many phone calls from distraught people wanting assistance with their potential pest issue. As a pest management professional, there are several bits of key i …


Other pests in the home can be controlled or eliminated without resorting to hefty pesticides:  Greener pest control – How to stop bugs and other bothers – The Boston Globe – Magazine

http://www.bostonglobe.com/Apr 20

Inexpensive glue traps available online and at some hardware stores can catch male clothes moths through pheromones, chemicals that attract bugs to the opposite sex.




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