Iron-On Logo’s

Hi Andy
I really hope that you can help me. My mom has bought herself a nice embroidery machine and my brother-in-law wants her to make iron-on logos that he can put on various types of shirts for his staff. She found someone to digitize the logo for her so that she can do the embroidery, but neither of us have a clue how to go about making this image into an embroidered iron-on patch and no-one is willing to give us advice cause it’s competition for them! We’re in South Africa, so I’m hoping that if you can advise us on how to do it that it won’t be a conflict of interest for you. I am really holding thumbs that you can help and am looking forward to your reply.

Dear Sheldene: I wish I had the answer to this question. We are going to open this up to our readers to see if anyone out there has the answer to this question………… Good Luck, Andy

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