Is It Possible To Dye Canvas?

Hello. Is it possible to dye canvas? I have a canvas cover that covers the fly bride of my houseboat. It is dark blue and I want to dye it black. I tried Rit (I hope I spelt that correct) dye, but it didn’t work. Can you help? Other wise this is going to be an expensive piece to have made.
Thank you.

Dear Julia,
Your question is very interesting and challenging! Here is my humble opinion on your canvas boat cover.
Canvas is usually all cotton, which can be dyed, but it may be treated with wax or some kind of waterproofing that will repel the dye. However, the biggest problem that you run into is the size of your piece. It’s probably too big to go in your washer, and too big to be bucket dyed in anything but a large watering trough. Even if you got a big, big container, you might have trouble getting the dye to distribute evenly. I have a vision of you, in your back yard, standing on a ladder, stirring the giant cauldron of dye with a shovel or pitchfork.
On top of all that, black is the hardest color to obtain. It requires really hot water and a lot of salt and dye, and even then your piece may come out dark blue or grayish blue.

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