Is It Safe To Dye My Baby’s Crib?

I’m expecting a baby girl in March. Is there anyway I can dye the blue crib items (sheets, etc), I have to pink or yellow? They are all 100% cotton fabric.
Thank you in advance for your help!

Dear Lori,
Sorry, you cannot move baby-blue to baby-pink or yellow. Think about mixing tempera paints. You could even get a set of inexpensive paints or watercolors at Walgreens and mix them to see what happens. This will approximate the results that you will get.
You MIGHT be able to move the blue ones to dark fuchsia (not a very baby color).
Sell the sheets on eBay and get some new ones, or else drop a broad hint before your baby shower.
One more note: My sister-in-law, the one with the most perfect taste, once said, “in the middle of the night, you don’t care about the color of the nursery sheets. You just want them to be dry.”
Congrats on your little girl!!

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