Is There A Durable Velvet?

velvetHello Andy, A designer has selected striated velvet for 2 potential couches in my Living Room. I love the fabric; however, I have 2 small children & am concerned re: The durability, stains, crushing, etc. I have looked at microfiber fabrics, but they look rather “dense”, when compared to the light-reflecting qualities of the striated velvet (my living room tends to be dark). QUESTIONS: Is there a velvet material (perhaps poly/cotton) that tends to be more durable? Or, is there any other fabric that you would recommend? Thank You. Your advice would be greatly appreciated. Regards, CB

Dear CB: We had a cotton velvet couch that wore like “iron” for about 6 years when our kids were young’uns. We had the fabric protected by a stain repellant, and there were no significant problems. Happy Decorating and Good Luck, Andy

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