Is There A Simple Way To Dye Cloth Shoes?

I was wondering if there is a simple way to dye cloth shoes. I have white shoes for my wedding but need them to be more ivory, because that is the color of my dress. Is there a way to dye cloth shoes? Misty

I get a few questions about this and I really don’t know the answer, since I have never tried it. First, I would take them to a full-service shoe repair shop and see if they would offer the service. If they can’t help you, you could try dipping them in a very weak tea solution. Dip briefly! Keep in mind that tea is brown only, no yellow or cream at all, so you will need a very little bit. Also remember, I don’t know the outcome so you will be undertaking an experiment. If you are unwilling to experiment, you may need to start over and find new shoes. many blessings on your wedding!

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  1. Kirsten says:

    I’ve done this, It was a blast!  I designed and made one of my best friends wedding dress and she had bought these beautiful vintage looking fabric boots covered in lace.  The problem was they were to light in color top go with the antique looking silk gown I made for her.  Some of your least expensive dyes are in your cupboard.  I started out with tea bags and cold water in the kitchen sink.  I didn’t want to over dye the boots.  Soaked the boots first then put them into the tea bath.  Left them there all day pretty much.  I kept checking on them to see how dark they were getting.  By the end of the day I hadn’t the right color, so the next day I made coffee and put it into the sink cooled it down a little added the tea bags and the pre-soaked boots.  Repeated the checking till I thought I had the right color and then took them out and let them dry.  They weren’t the exact same color as the dress but much better match than originally.  Because these boots were a one time wear I didn’t really need to worry about setting the color but a bit of salt or vinegar does the trick and you want to dry them somewhere hot like a dryer or in the sun to really set the color.  It is a natural dye though and will eventually fade a bit.  It’s actually kind of fun to go through the  cupboards and see what will make dye.  Yellow/red curry, coffee, tea, Cooliad and Jellow.  Anything that can leave a stain can be used as a dye, just remember it will fade a bit with wash a wear.  Oh and in general synthetic materials won’t really take to natural dyes.