It Still Sheds!

I knitted a gorgeous mohair coat years ago and ended up covered in mohair every time I worked on it. I put it away for years and recently took it out again. It still sheds all over everything. Is there anything I can do to prevent the shedding? It won’t fit in my freezer, and someone suggested putting it on air fluff in my dryer on cold air. As of now, I cannot wear the coat because anyone sitting near me would also be covered in mohair. I don’t know who else to contact about shedding mohair.

Dear Margaret: The only way Mohair doesn’t shed, is when it’s still on it’s original owner, and then I’m not so sure. I’ve checked with my experts, and they’ve all agreed that Mohair sheds.
Enjoy it the way it is, and stay out of the Freezer. It’s dark, cold and damp in there. Good Luck, Andy

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