Kid’s blanket fabric unknown, Help?

Hi, I’m the mother of a 4yo kid with autism and severe sensory issues. When he was a baby, an aunt from another coutry sent him a blanket, that he adored since the first second. Since then, there’s absolutely no other blanket that he want to take. He carry it everywhere and don’t sleep without it. The issue is that the blanket is really worned, in a pretty bad shape, and is starting to break apart in many places. I can’t find another exactly as this one anywhere, and the uncle that gve it to him passed away the same year he born…Nobody in the family knows if the blanket was purchased or handmade (it has no labels of any kind).

I’m desperate, and I decided to make it myself, but I can’t find what kind of fabric It is. I even took the blanket to several fabric stores and nobody could tell me exactly what fabric is. It looks like a terry cloth, but there are no loops on it. I have a zoomed photo of the fabric and the border (which looks like kind of mate velvet) but I can’t post them here. Please, can you give me an email address or something where I can send the pictures so you can help me find out….I’m really worried that if the blanket finally rip off, it will be a disaster for my son….and for us!

Thanks in advance for your help!
By: Daniella

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