Laminating Company

companyAndy- We are a Point-of-Purchase display manufacturer. We are currently working on an order for a fabricated acrylic counter unit. Our customer would like to incorporate the use of a fabric as a decoration to the unit. The fabric they have chosen is from Carnegie # 6423 Strie Xorel which is made from polyethylene. They are concerned that the powder from the cosmetic products will, during testing by customers in the field, get into the fabric. The fabric comes in 54″ wide rolls. I have spoken to two fabric laminating companies that say that it is possible for them to laminate a clear flexible protective coating over the fabric. I am going to send them samples so they can try it. Would you have any suggestions or any companies that would be able to do this process?

Dear John: You are in luck. One of the best laminating companies, is right in your back yard, in New Jersey.¬† It’s the Fabrite Laminating Corp. They can be reached at Phone: (973) 777-1406. ¬†They have the knowledge and the skill to handle your job perfectly. Good Luck, Andy

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