Laminating Machine For Fabric

I am looking for information right now on a laminating machine to laminate fabric for cloth diapers. I make cloth diapers and with all the talk about this big company that laminates fabric but they are upping their criteria and it’s making it hard for small cloth diaper businesses to afford PUL. Thank You.

Dear Jo Lynn: The last time we priced a laminating machine for fabrics, it was upward of $250,000. Most of the machines we’ve seen, were custom built for the purpose intended. Part of the reason the current laminators are upping their prices, has to do more with the EPA than the actual costs. This government agency is very concerned with the environment, as well as they should be. All companies that process fabrics are under close scrutiny.
In my opinion, unless you have very deep pockets, you should continue your current sourcing.
Good Luck,

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