Large Selections Of Fabrics – Where To Get Them

Hi Andy.
I live in Raleigh, NC and am beginning a business from home. I am hoping to identify a “fabric trade show” of sorts – preferably one in my region – where I’d be able to view a large selection of fabrics suitable for making children’s clothing.
I’d appreciate any thoughts or suggestions you may have for me?

Dear Anjon: If you are serious about going into business, you are going to have to invest some time and money. In your case, traveling and attending wholesale fabric trade shows. There are two that come to mind. The New York Show will be held in October and the smaller one is part of an apparel show and usually held in Las Vegas. Visit http://www.apparel-graphic-design.com/fabric-trade-shows.html to see the shows in the US, register and get additional information. Make sure that the fabric you buy for “making kids clothes” passes all the test for FR, mandated by the U.S. Government (www.ftc.gov). You too should have this insurance. Good Luck, Andy

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