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Do you have a favorite tip or trick to remove stains or make laundry easier?  Quilters probably all know that blood from a needle or pin prick can be removed by the quilter’s saliva.  Hydrogen Peroxide can remove small drops of dried blood too.  Using a new bottle of hydrogen peroxide and a q-tip, dab the hydrogen peroxide on the blood and let sit.  If the stain remains, lightly brush with a soft toothbrush and reapply the hydrogen peroxide.  Just to be safe, before using the hydrogen peroxide, test the liquid on a hidden area to make sure it won’t affect the color.


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A quick note on ink removal.  Hair spray and hand sanitizer contain isopropyl alcohol which is what removes the ink stain so instead of using products that contain alcohol, start with just plain isopropryl alcohol.


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Do you have a laundry tip to share?  Please post here or email me Judith@fabrics.net and I will use it in the next tips and tricks blog.



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