LBD (Little Black Dress) Created With Separates?


The Courier – The History of the Little Black Dress


This week, Georgina Grant explores the history of the iconic little black dress, from it’s Victorian origins and Chanel revival.


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The little black dress doesn’t have to be a dress!




Burda Patterns came out with an Asymmetric Blouse pattern that can be paired with the Wrap-Effect Skirt to give the illusion of a dress rather than a blouse and skirt.  These two patterns made in  black silk knit jersey add up to a perfectly versitile LBD (Little Black Dress).  With the addition of a long skirt out of the same wrap effect skirt pattern in black silk knit jersey and you are ready for a formal dinner.

By creating a LBD with a separate skirt and blouse of the same fabric, you will surprise your friends who don’t sew.  Who knows, your friends may decide to sew so they can make such versitile garments like yours!


Now that IS good cost-per-wear! The average little black dress has an 11 year … – Daily Mail


Daily MailNow that IS good cost-per-wear! The average little black dress has an 11 year …Daily MailThe vast majority of women (91 per cent) admit to having at least one little black dress in their wardrobe, 48 per cent of women said they owned betw …


Now that you have a LBD that has both a short and long skirt, you can add the Burda Pattern Layered Look Jacket.   The result is a 5 pieces a wardrobe that can travel from day to evening.  The bottom half of the layered jacket   could be made from another Silk Knit Jersey color like Evergreen.  Step back to see your creation, realizing that all that is needed for a 5 day vacation is a swim suit a few pairs of shorts with t-shirts and shoes, plus fancy shoes in flats or heels for evening.


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