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Contract Sewing in Northern Virginia?

I was trying to get to the Ask Andy Blog but am happy to ask my question to whomever can best answer the questions I have. I have a product(s) which will be made from marine fabrics…SunBrella and/or Outdura that i need cutting, sewing and logos screenprinted on.  Can you guide me on some contacts in the industry that could help with the sewing and cutting phases of the process?  Applying logos etc would be a bonus.  I am located in Northern Virginia so being able to manufacture locally is important.  I would be glad to talk to someone over the phone to provide more details about the products. Thanks for you help in advance. Tom By: Tom Dunleavy

Fabric laminating/PUL

Hello,   I was wondering if you knew where I could get some cotton fabric laminated to use for cloth diapers. Thanks. Jen A By: Jen Arevalo

Removing Wrinkles from net?

How to remove wrinkles from net fabric. By: Neelam

Yellow On My Dress

I have a veil that I wore for my First Communion in 1977. My Goddaughter is making her First Communion next weekend. I’ve sent the veil to her and she really wants to wear it. However, over time it has yellowed some and her dress is new and white. Is there any way we can whiten the veil without damaging it? Thank You in advance for any help you can give. Dear Jeni: Before doing anything to the veil, consult with a local bridal veil shop. They should have the answer you need. My feeling is that, since it is an heirloom, the yellowing is part of the “heirloom” process. That is what makes it “special”. Anyone can buy a new White veil, but your veil is aged, and Special. Congratulations to you and your Goddaughter. Good Luck, Andy

Best Way To Spot Clean a Prada Purse

I got an oil stain on my nylon Prada handbag – what is the best way to spot clean it? thanks, Nancy Nancy: Bring it to your local Prada store and see what, if anything, they can do for you. Anything that I would recommend may ruin a good pocketbook. Good Luck, Andy

What is the best type cotton fabric for high quality T-shirts

HI I’m AmmarWhat is fabric GSM?and what’s the best cotton fabric types do i need for high quality but practical tshirts? THANKS!! Amazon.com Widgets

Looking for information and manufacturer’s specs for Momie Cloth.

We need to find some information and manufacturer’s specs for Momie Cloth. Can you give us any help or information. Thank you, Anna Stevenson