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Dye Purple White?

I have these curtain I would like to stencil/ paint over my existing curtains. Color of curtains are dark purple. Can I dye them white?

Help Choosing Best Fabric?

Hi, I am trying to source a very strong, durable, washable fabric to make straps with. However I am at a loss as to which fabric is best suited for this and would really appreciate any help. I originally looked at cotton duck but the coulours and paterns are very limited and I wish to you it for childrens products. Many thanks A. McCrory     By: Audrey McCrory

Nylon/Spandex Fabric

Is it possible to dye a nylon/spandex blend?  If so, what kind of dye would be most successful?  I am trying to change compression stockings from nude to navy.  The manufacturer tells me the stockings are entirely of nylon and spandex. By: Karen Abernathy

Rayon Spandex blend?

Greetings, My name is Dawne and I am in need of 95% Rayon, 5% spandex apparel fabric blend at 160gsm that stretches 4 ways. Typically what type of knit accomplishes this: tricot fabric, weft fabric, warp fabric and or jersey fabric? Thank you, Dawne By: Dawne

Wedding dress lining – can you dye/stain it darker

Hello experts! I recently saw my wonderful lace wedding dress – unfortunately the ivory charmeuse lining under the ivory lace is not the color that was anticipated (too light, darker color would make the lace pattern pop out more) I’m wondering if there is any possiblility that I could darken the ivory lining underneath myself (since it cannot be replaced)?  I realize this would be an extremely delicate process in order not to color the overlying lace, but I think the two layers can be seperated enough that it could work. 1) Will charmeuse take a stain/dye? 2) What would you suggest using for the coloring?  I’ve done tea-bag staining myself on other cotton garment…seems that could be a gradual process of darkening the fabric to the ideal shade. 3) Is this an absolutely terrbile idea?  Obviously I don’t want to ruin my dress, but the alterations department isn’t making any other suggestions :/ Here is the dress (in the cafe lining which is too dark for my skin tone). http://www.marisabridals.com/Style/Marisa/953/   Thanks for any input you have!   Nichole By: Nichole

How can I remove color bleeding?

I have a blouse (98% poly/2% spandex) that is ivory colored with black sleeves.  Machine Washable and Bleachable. Hang to dry.  Have worn and wash many times with no problems.  Wore it with a jacket that I have also worn several times.  This last time I wore it, when I removed the jacket, I found that color had bled into the area around the armhole. I have washed it several times, using a stain removal spray, oxiclean, and bleach (separately of course). It has helped but still is quite visible.  Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance By: Lori Broadway

Is this a vintage fabric?

I just found a huge piece of fabric in a bag with an outfit that belonged to my Mother. The outfit is from the late ’50s or ’60s. I was wondering if the fabric was also from that era. My mother was not a seamstress so I assume she purchased it at one time to have curtains or something made for me since I was a tomboy. It has printing around the edges: “COLOR STYLED WITH DUPONT SAVALUX FAST COLORS SCOTCHGARD PRESHRUNK RESIDUAL SHRINKAGE DOES NOT EXCEED 3% TEST CCC t 191 A” The fabric has a cream background with brown and gray horses as the design. Any information that you can tell me will be most appreciated. Thank you! Judy By: Judy