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organic dyed or printed textiles

Hello, I’m looking for fabric which is organic dyed or block or screen printed. I want to research upon that and come up with something new in today’s date for my college dissertation project. Please guide me through with this by sharing your experience and knowledge. By: Madhuri Yadav

Allergy to Disperse Dye: Blue 106/124

  Hello! I have recently been diagnosed with an allergy to Disperse Blue 106/124. I am a 61 year old female and am overwhelmed with trying to figure what is free of this dye, Natural fabics seem to be alright, but which synthetic fabrics do I need to avoid? How prevelant is the usage of this dye? Are there companies that you know that do not use Disperse Blue 106/124?? What can you advise??? Thank you for any suggestions you may have! Sharon By: Sharon Gallant

Corduroy Dying

What options do I have to dye this:                         to get to this kind of color: (the blue on the inside, person in middle) Thank you! By: Logan

Dyeing Patterned Cotton Jacket Spandex 2%?

Hi dear Jennifer, I have read your 101 blog and found it very helpful. I just purchased a jacket cotton fabric 98% spandex 2% (not a knit fabric) with a very distinctive print pattern on it that I want to ‘overdye’ to dim down the print/colours a bit. The wash/care instructions on the jacket say “machine wash cold water with like colours only, non-chlorine bleach when needed. Tumble dry low, warm iron as needed”. The pattern is just a bit too fluoro orange for me. Its multicoloured repeated circular pattern in fluorescent orange, pale apricot and dark brown and pale taupe (pale greyish camel colour) , all on a white background. There is not a lot of white showing through, but the 2nd main background is the taupe with some white also showing through. I know it sounds awful, but the pattern is intriguing and the jacket is a really good cut and was on sale I am thinking of dying the jacket a very pale pearl grey (I got a colour like this pearl previously with I think a blue based dying and I”m hoping a can find my earlier instructions. What colour dye would you suggest to tone down the pattern? Do I need to do cold water dyeing? like in the 101 blog? I understood the cold water dyeing is very hot water that is taken off the boil.  or will this ruin my fabric? Any other comments or suggestions also welcomed! There are also some metalic pieces (zip, cord ends) on the jacket. Hope you can help.   By: Ruth

Help Dyeing Viscose Please

I had been told that viscose dyes well using a reactive dye but I’ve tried dyeing grey viscose black twice and each time I end up with brown.  Why would this be…is there another property of viscose that I don’t know about? Thanks   By: Michelle

Setting Color?

Many colors (especially reds) may run.  How do you set the color to prevent running? By: DiAnne

Source for dyeing favorite jeans?

  Hi – I’ve botched my favorite jeans by trying to dye them back to original color using Rit “navy blue” dye.  It turned them a horrible violet-blue!  Can you recommend a source for me that can remove the violet & re-dye them to deep blue?  I live in Atlanta but can ship these anywhere. Thank you!! By: Jenny McMillin