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Dating Fabric Help?

Hi,  I have two dresses that I recently purchased and I’m having problems dating the fabrics. Both are, I believe, made of silk brocades.  One was remade between 1870 and 1890 (label), but from some other construction techniques (reeds along the front edges and handsewn/covered eylet holes), I believe that the dress was orignially made earlier. The other dress’ bodice is construced on, I believe, a homespun linen, with a very, very, low rounded neckline.  The sleeves are just past the elbow, with an elbow point, and tight sleeves.  There is no front closure, and the front skirt is open, with a scalloped edge down the edges.  This dress was also, I believe re-made at some point, as ribbon ties and net lace (late 1800-early 1900) was added. Both fabrics are striped with flowers.  Thank you for your help, Shannon   By: Shannon Dalton

Cleaning silk?

How do I clean and what should I use to remove a stain from water marked silk? By: Diane

Fabrics that don’t get wet, but let water through?

Here’s an odd one for you. I’m looking for a fabric that doesn’t absorb water, but does allow it to pass through to the other side. My first thought was that some kind of mesh might be able to do it, but it needs to be wearable, so I can’t just use the stuff I find at the hardware store that’s meant for windows or screen doors. Any ideas? (PS. Bonus points if it’s also comfortable and strong!) By: Dalton

Best Fabric For Crease?

What is the best fabric to use for a good crease? By: jules

Greeff schumacher fabric

I came across 24 yards of fabric on the edge it says Greeffe a division of Schumacher & Co.  The fabric is called “natures walk” it is a red and cream floral toile.  Can you tell me how old this is, and at what age is it considered vintage?  Thanks Anne By: Anne GAMBINO

Fabrics and Textiles Safety- Please ASAP!

Hello Fabric Expert, I am doing a project in school involving science and engineering design. If possible, I would like to know: A. What are common fireproof fabrics used in fire-retardant clothing? B. What are common impact-resistant materials? C. What is the cheapest fireproof material for clothing? Please give me your name and title so I can reference you. If you cannot answer these questions, can you please refer me to someone who can help?   Thank you! -Nick S.   By: Nick

what is this and how is it used?

Hi. I bought some designs that appear to be transfers of some sort, very thin paper. They came with these thick, waxy sheets and I’m not sure how they are used. Please help. Thanks so much.  Cindy By: cindy