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Napkin fabric for screen printing?

Hello,   What type of fabric do you suggest for napkins?  Not just fiber, but weave also?  I may want to print or silkscreen on them.  I prefer an all natural fiber and would even prefer organic or sustainable fibers. Do you know of some resources for wholesale bolt/roll organic fabric?  Or could you point me in a direction to look-besides google-which I have done. Thanks By: Cathi Tristani

Lunch bag material?

Hello I am trying to make washable insulated lunch bags for a fundraiser. I have looked into maybe trying neoprene but it seems like it is a difficult material to work with. Any recommendation. By: Anila

The difference between Ralph Lauren T Shirts and Hanes T Shirts?

Hi! I’m going to try to be opening up my own clothing line soon and was wondering something..When I look at Polo Ralph Lauren’s T shirts, they say they are 100% cotton. I look at a Hanes T shirt and it says 100% cotton also. When I wear either shirt, I can totally tell a differnce though. The Ralph Lauren shirt is much more comfortable, softer, and just of higher quality than the Hanes T shirt. Do you know why this is? By: Tom Kuegler

Fabric Eating Pests

HELP!!!! The house I moved into in June (and am currently moving out of…… with a wicked quickness) exploded with fabric eaters. We know for a fact theres webbing clothes moths and black carpet beetles. I had to look on line. I’ve seen adults and larva of both. There’ s 1 I’m unsure of: black worm-like bug inside cottony looking ……. wrapping? Don’t quite know what to call it.  Was wondering if its a webbing clothes moth teenager.  The 2nd is very hard to explain. They’re black and sometimes I catch a glimpse of a shiny black head. It seems they really like the seams and they’re not shy about eating. They’re on everything here. Example: they’re eating the corners of my couches,handbags and synthetics also. How do l get rid of these things? All of them. They laughed at various bug sprays. I’m sprinkling diatomaceous everywhere now. What a mess, but I have unreplcable antique carpets from g-parents that are being eaten. Do you know what the seam eaters are and how do i kill them? I’m at a loss. I have indoor pets also. I would be in your debt if you could help me. Thank You, K. Wichita By: kelli wichita

FabricFinder questions?

Dear Sir, I’m searching about fabric like neoprene (Diving suits) just that not repels water and dries quickly, also I’m searching for fabric like Lycra 90 (This lycra swimwear thicker than normal liqueur) just it should be dry fit instead normal lycra and the third and last fabric should be as many thin pleasant to the touch and also dry fit.   Hope you did understand my explanation, Best regards, Mor By: Mor hazan

Fabric Identification?

I need to attach a picture of a woman, I wanted you to tell me what fabric she is wearing by looking at the fabric or zooming into the fabric. You can also see what fabric it maybe by the wrinkles in it. To me, the fabric looks solid like, and a bit thick and soft. I don’t know though. By: Tahira

Help Tracking Down Discontinued Fabrics?

I have a 100% polyester gabardine fabric which has been referred to as ‘LL Bean gabardine’ which was purchased from a company that sells over-runs or discontinued items. I need to find a reliable source to continually purchase more of this fabric but do not know how to further identify this fabric in order to compare it to other polyester gabardines. I have ordered other samples, but they are not the same at all.  Should I weigh a known size of the fabric to compare densities, or should I try to count the picks per inch using a microscope? Thanks very much. Michelle By: Michelle