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What materials do I need?

Hi!=) I want to make a white dress (probably above the knee or knee length) for my college graduation but I am not sure if the materials I want to use are appropriate. What fabrics will you suggest?? I want lace for the sleeves since I think of a tube or heart shaped top then chiffon/georgette fabric for the lower part/skirt since I want the dress to flow and the only thing that comes to my mind is pleats.  Aside from that, do you have any suggestions of how to make it elegant? PS.. please I dont what it to look like a wedding/bridesmaid dress.. Thank you in advance=)) By: mary charlotte

Collar Shape?

I am looking for a fabric that will retain its shape.  Specifically, I want to create a collar for a polo shirt that actually stays up and doesn’t constantly flop over and fold down into the shirt or against the shoulder of the wearer.  If your a man who has worn a traditional polo I would expect you know just what I am talking about.  Any ideas on what would be the best fabric to form a collar that holds it shape? By: Cam Robert

Cotton fabric(s) for active wear

I like to make my own active wear using a comfortable & flexible cotton fabric(s).  I have a debilitated autoimmune disease where my skin is sensitive to regular tight fitting sport & active wear like Lulu Lemon, Nike or other major brands. It actually hurt and cause uncomfortness during a workout.  I love cotton clothing that are breathable and flexible enough for my very active life.  Please advice, thank you. By: Bridget

Specialty Sports fabrics?

Hi there, I am a design student working on a prototype for a sports glove.  The essence of the glove, at least of the part that this search concerns, is that it is an ergonomic, well-fitted glove for contacts stick sports like hockey, lacrosse, etc.  That is, I am looking for lightweight (to allow for ergonomic fit and ‘barehand sensation’), durable fabrics that would also be ideal for gripping sticks and bats.  An example of what I am looking for would be the fabrics used in the palm side of racquetball gloves.  Do you have any ideas?  I would be happy to order such fabrics from your business if there are any that fit this criteria. By: Tucker Chambers

Heat resistance

How resistant is Ramie to heat? We have an electric coffee pot we would like to sit on top of a ramie runner – will that work. Artis Palmo By: Artis Palmo

Types of Polyester Fabrics?

I am doing research on all the different types of Polyester Fabric.  I am a clothing designer and am designing a performance competitor t shirt using 100% polyester.  I would like all the information on all of the Polyester fabrics.  Everytime I try to do the research on a type of polyester I always discover a new one.  Please advise me on all the in and outs of the different types.  I know there are many. By: Tim

Strength of linen yarn?

When weaving with linen yarn, we using linen in weft and while tucking in, it is not getting bend ( using pneumatic tuck in ) so in fabric we get “tails out” as linen is strong and not flexible it will not go inside the tuck in of fabric. So please suggest how to make linen yarn soft. we are using cones of 500 grams in weft. Please advise By: PRASAD M G N