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Looking for a fabric combo?

Looking for spandex on one side which is most likely the out side and latex from the inside.  But I want the material to be one fabric not two.  In other words, I need two materials in one, to be incorporated. Do you know if there is anything like it? Thanks MM By: MARIBEL MAYORGA

Best, softest and most comfortable fabric / Cotton to paint original painting on and with what type of piant?

Hi, we have an art project and would like to paint original paintings ( wild, expressionist..) on the softest, coolest, most comfortable, non elastic, white ( cotton ) fabric. What kind of fabric would you suggest ( Swiss or Egyptian cotton maybe ) or some different kind of fabric ? Oh and yes, we found acrylic paint to paint on cotton that is washable but maybe you know of some special kind or branch of paint that one could use to make wild strikes with brushes on the fabric and that could be treated in a way to become permanent, even if washed. Thank you kindly, Eric-Jan. By: Eric-Jan Harmsen

Cotton vs Silk – in Velvet?

What advantages and disadvantages – in wear and appearance of men’s jackets – does silk velvet have in comparison to cotton velvet? Is it possible to discuss the characteristics of silk velvet without first identifying any amount of rayon added – I have read that often rayon is added in the production of silk velvet to reduce the price of the finished cloth – presumably rayon is cheaper than silk? By: Peter O’Connor

Removable Stickers to be Used on Fabric?

I am trying to create some cloths and write different tags on them But I want to be able to reuse the cloths. So I need to find a material that I can make removable letter stickers on fabric. I also need to make sure that the glue doesn’t stay on the cloths. Or maybe you guys know if there is also reusable material for the letter. So I can use the letters over and over. Thank you very much for your help. By: Elnaz Sarraf

How to determine the face of the fabric?

I work as an Industrial Engineer in a garments company at bangalore. While spreading the fabrics in cutting section my operators are confused with the face side of the fabric.So i want to know as how to find the face or reverse side of the fabric. By: Soundaryarubini

Cotton t-shirts

I stumbled across a t-shirt years ago which, if memory serves, was produced by Russell. The fabric was really thick, heavy, and the crew neck was great.  Even after years of washing it is still in good condition although a bit faded. As I search for similar t-shirts what sort of gauge material should I look for?  I have seen designations such as 5.5 oz but I do not know how that compares to others.  Help! Thanks By: James Tiefel

Fabric type

Good afternoon Fabrics, I would like to ask for advice. I am 6.5 feet long, relatively slim and have great problems to find fitting trousers. I am not in any way asscociated with the fashion or clothing environmet. I just decided to have a custom-made chinos but the fabrics I was offered were none of my interest (poor quality, patterns, polyester included, etc.). I am looking for something similiar to bonobos .com oxford or washed chinos unicolor fabric in navy blue, grey, beige or sand. It must be organic 100% cotton and durable for every day wearing. I have no idea what kind of fabrics are OK to use for chinos- there are thousands of 100% cotton and usage is not always clear from description. I would be very thankful for your advice where to find the fabrics with reasonable prices (best online). Many thanks, Lucas By: Lukas Behun