Leather Dyeing

leatherI have a DKNY leather purse and I am not crazy about the pale pink color and would like to change it to a dark chocolate. The tag reads as follows: color code/159, color/pale and ‘distressed nappa’ is printed on it as well. I am not sure if ‘distressed nappa’ describes the leather but, it is very smooth, soft and supple.
On close inspection of the leather it appears to be painted. There appear to be some cracks on the color.
Is it possible to re-dye leather or do I have to paint it?
Thank you, Edy

Dear Edy,
Leather dyeing is not my strong point, so I can’t answer definitively. Take the bag to a full service shoe repair place and see what they say. Most of those places do leather dyeing and also sell leather dye for DYI.

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