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Less is more and other spring cleaning hints.  Spring cleaning, the green way – UpperMichigansSource.com


Spring cleaning, the green wayUpperMichigansSource.comMARQUETTE — If you’ve been thinking about getting out the cleaning supplies sometime soon, now is the best time to consider spring cleaning your home in an environmentally friendly way. According …

Did you know that dust can damage fabric?  Dust particles aren’t always round and fuzzy, they can have sharp edges that cause wear on fibers.  Before dry cleaning was invented people brushed their garments that couldn’t be washed, then hung the garments out to air.  Today cleaning companies recommend vacuuming not just rungs but also curtains, bedding and furniture to remove dust and particles that can damage fibers.

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Closets that are packed with garments is another cause of wear on fabrics.  Spring cleaning and weeding out clothes that we have not worn for a year will ease the closet crowding.

More inspiration from Tatertots and Jello:  Great Ideas – 22 Spring Organizing Projects – Tatertots and Jello

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Whatever the reason, I am in full Spring Cleaning mode. Office Closet Reveal @ Fresh Coat of Paint. Craft Drawer Organization @ The Thinking Closet. So it was awesome to see so many organizing tips linked up this week. Here are 22 great Spring Organizing Ideas.

I hope these articles inspire to at least create more roon by eliminating unused garments.  Enjoy!



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