Lightening a Peach Colored Dress


hello. I have a dress that I want to wear for my wedding. it’s not designed to be a wedding dress. I purchased it at anthropologie.com. it is the “sojourn” dress under the “dress” section. it is a peachy color right now and I would really like to lighten it…to make it a little more on the cream/light side rather than peach. is there any way I can lighten it? I don’t mind if some of the stitching remains a little darker than the rest of the dress. tag says:
100% nylon lining
100% viscose
made in India
hand wash in cold
do not bleach
do not wring or soak
drip dry
dry flat in shade
do not tumble dry
do not iron net/lace
dry cleanable
Is there anything I can do??? anyone I can take it to in the Dallas, TX area?
your advice will be such a help! thank you….Darrah dean

Hi Darrah,
Possibly you can lighten the dress. Keep in mind that this will be an experiment. If you feel confident that the dress can take HOT water and agitation, you can try Dharma’s color remover (www.dharmatrading.com). You will also need soda ash and Synthrapol from Dharma.
If you want to consult the professionals, contact Sherry at www.fabricdyeing.com and see what she says. best wishes!!

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