Lightening Colors

hi Jennifer,
I have a vintage dress (not very old, early 1980’s I would guess). it is 57% cotton and 43% acetate brocade with a 100% acetate lining. the color is currently hot pink however I would like to change that. the dress came with a matching jacket that I did not like so I did some testing on it. I bleached some strips of fabric and was pleased with the results, but I’m not sure how the dress as a whole would handle the process. at this point I am looking to change the color to pretty much any one but the one it is now. also, if bleaching wouldn’t work, would anything else help to change or lighten the color? thank you.

Dear Rachel,
there is no simple answer to your inquiry. If you liked the result you got with bleach, try it on the dress. You have to look at it as an experiment, because the outcome is totally unknown. Just keep in mind the agitation required, possible shrinkage, potential damage to trim, etc. (Read my article on dyeing 101 for more details.)
Have fun,

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