Lightening With Chlorine Bleach

chlorineMy sister bought some cotton fabric to hang on a curtain rod over her bed. Though the color looked right in the store, when she got home, she found that the rose color was too bright. Is there any way to lighten it?
Thank you.

If you want to experiment, you can put the fabric in the washer with a cup of chlorine bleach. This may or may not produce the desired result.
When shopping for fabric, it’s sometimes useful to take the bolt on to the sidewalk and look carefully at one layer of the color. Fabric wrapped into a bolt will intensify color.
Even though I work in fabric and color every day, I still don’t remember every nuance accurately. Take swatches of what you want to match with you to the fabric store.
Having said all that, everyone makes errors at times. You may be able to tone down the color with bleach; you may have to start over.
good luck,

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