Lighting and Ott Light and LED and CFL I am confused!

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Is anyone else confused about lighting and which bulb to use for which task?  First we had the incandescent bulb for many years until the CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulb was required by law and now we have the LED (light emitting diode).  The good news is that the CFL isn’t our only choice for replacing the incadescent light bulbs.  Further good news is that the LED bulbs are highly efficient and further good news is that the prices for LED bulbs are going down.  Biggest complaint is the color. Enter the Cree Warm White:

The Best LED Lightbulb Is the Cree Warm White | The Wirecutter


I’ve been writing about the electronic design industry for over 15 years and I’ve never seen an LED light bulb with a better combination of features than the Cree. At $13, it’s dimmable, has high And CFLs do have some impressive numbers: A 60W-equivalent CFL can produce 800 lumens from 13W (vs. the Cree’s miserly 9.5W), can operate for as long as 10,000 hours, and you’ve probably seen them at big box stores for around $1.50. However, for a buck and a half

Now for even better news, the consumer can choose the color of the light:  How to Choose an LED Light Bulb | MIT Technology Review


There are now many general-purpose consumer LED bulbs that give off good light. With so many, how can you tell the difference?

Wahoo!  When I first used an Ott light when I was sewing with black thread on black fabric I could actually see the thread, even at night!  With the LED light in the right color for my eyesight, who knows what else I can sew at night?!  

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Another interesting article, this time on home decorating with lighting.  With so many “Smart” technologies, what about “Smart” light bulbs:  LED: The New Discount Lighting | Interior Design


Ambient Light with LED. Creating a soft and flattering light plays a role in your overall lighting scheme. LED produces a far more pleasing glow than other bulbs. The light of an LED bulb is a soft, white light. It brings a comforting, cozy feeling to any room, without the harsher, more yellow glow of other bulbs. There are The beauty of LED lights is you can create that soft white glow, but you can also choose from a myriad of colors to complement any mood or design.

I hope that this blog was as much fun to read as it was to research!




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