Likelihood Of Peeling In Washer

washerHi Andy,
Wondering if you know the answer or lead me in the right direction…I purchased a Micro-Touch Down Comforter at Hecht’s (king size 29oz of down, washable, good for lofting, boxed construction) and thinking about returning it. I am in search of a comforter that doesn’t start “pilling” or balling after repeated washing at home. There is no listing of the manufacturer so the quality is questionable. Also it has no listing of what the thread count is but did say that the shell is polyester. I wonder if this will “pill” after repeated laundering? Someone told me polyester has likelihood of “pilling”. I paid $75 so did not want to waste it on a poor quality comforter. It feels so soft now though.
Thanks for your help/advice.

Dear QT: Returning the Comforter is the best thing to do at this time. Save your money, and buy the most expensive Comforter you can afford. Make sure there is a manufacturers name on the product. Try to buy a product that is 100% cotton. Sweet Dreams and Good Luck, Andy

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