Linen test?

How can I tell what fabric in the fabric shop is 100% linen as compared to those that are mixed? In some cases the store owner was not sure.


Also can all linen fabric be washed?

By: Jenneh

One Response to “Linen test?”

  1. Kirsten Longly says:

    Hi Jenneh,
    I have yet to find a fabric store that a bolt of fabric does not actually have a fiber content listed on it somewhere. Sometimes they are hard to find though. Linen is pretty easy to tell by feel. It behaves a bit like paper, usually smells like grass and if they will let you burn some, smells like burnt paper. Silk has a more bitter burnt smell. And if you burn any fabric and it melts then it is most definitely a blend or nylon. If they will tear it for you Silk will tear clean across the grain, linen gets a really fuzzy torn grass look and dusts when torn and polyester tends to snag when torn. Hope that helps.