Looking For A Seemstress To Train My Wedding Gown

wedding gownHi Andy –
I recently purchased a wedding gown that is in a light platinum white shade (also known as “ice”). So it has a silvery/bluish hue to the otherwise white gown. It’s a beautiful silk satin. However, it doesn’t have a train, and I always wanted a chapel train. I met a seamstress who can sew the train in to the gown, but can’t find this fabric anywhere!
I’ve spent hours on the internet, called many fabric stores and even visited the LA garment district to no avail! Is there any solution to this problem?
Thanks so much, and hope to hear from you soon!

Dear Grace: Call the store where you purchased the gown. Many gown manufacturers have custom colors made for them. You may never find the exact color you need. Only the garment manufacturer may have the exact color, and they may be in China. It may be impossible to ever get any extra fabric. Consider “Plan B” whatever that is. Congratulations on your wedding and Good Luck, Andy

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