Looking For Chenille Fabric?

Hi Andy,
Can you recommend a fabric I can use to upholster my living room sofa and chairs-we only have one living room, so we use it both as a daily family room and for entertaining guests. I am trying to make the living room a little more kid-friendly, so I will be going with simpler furniture, but I’d still like to use accents here and there to add a touch of a simple traditional decorating style (I know you don’t give decorating advice per se, so I’m just adding this for background). I don’t like the look of twill-it looks too casual for what I’m trying to do. I am looking for something that is durable, but still has a bit of a deep, rich texture to it. I thought of going with a chenille fabric-perhaps one with basically a solid color that has diamond shapes or stripes. Someone told me that chenille mats. Is that true and, if so, does it look terribly unattractive when it mats? I also thought of velvet, but someone said it is not durable. Please advise me on which fabrics would be a good fit for me.

Aderonke : Speak with the company where you are going to buy the fabric or with the company you will use to reupholster your soft and chairs. I’d go with a durable cotton or microfiber. Make sure you get a Scotchgard or other brand name fabric protective finish on the fabric. Happy Decorating and Good Luck, Andy

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