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goodsHi Andy~
First, I just found your site and love it! My partner and I have developed a new bedding line that we’ve received a patent on. It’s called the Quavet tm and in short is two duvets attached so that you can have multiple looks. I’ve been a designer for 17 years with fabric sources, but just can’t seem to find what we’re looking for. We would like wide goods that are either 100% cotton or a blend, much like what is used on the high-end bedding sold at Bloomingdales. Everything my sources are sending either are 54″ goods or have such a commercial feel. Any suggestions? Thanks for your help.

Gail: I’ve thought some time about your question.
Most of the domestic fabric companies that make items for bedding are now using fabrics from Turkey and Pakistan.
Call the folks at Fabri-Quilt ( www.fabri-quilt.com), regarding custom made 120″ fabrics.
My thought is that you should get the services of a great Patent attorney, and shop your patent around to some of the top bedding companies in the USA. Remember, they already have the shelf space at the retailers, and have experience in producing products that meet or exceed the strict FR codes that the US Government has for Bedding Products.
They will have the money to both pay you a royalty and protect the Patent.
Good Luck,

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