Looking For Jersey Fabric

Hi Andy, I’ve been having trouble finding patterned cotton jersey fabric. Am I using incorrect terminology for this fabric often used in sleep wear? Can you recommend a good source for patterned cotton jersey fabric? And, lastly, what terminology is used for the varying thicknesses of this fabric? Many thanks!!

These types of fabrics, are custom made, by the fabric mills. Put a small classified ad in Women’s Wear Daily, (www.wwd.com) under Fabrics Wanted. In the “old” days, there were hundreds of mills, here in the USA that could make anything you wanted. Now, most of these types of fabrics, have gone off shore. You may also want to consider attending a wholesale fabric show. Visit http://www.apparel-graphic-design.com/fabric-trade-shows.html to see the shows in the US.
The thickness of a fabric can either be described by the weight or denier of the yarn.
Another way, is the “yield” weight, or ounces per square yard or lineal yard.
Good Luck, Andy

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