Looking For Quantity Wholesale Bais Tape

I am looking for large quantity wholesale bias tape and Velcro (colors). Our product will launch hopefully this month. In the event it takes off I have no idea how to find large consistent quantities of fabric and the finding we use. I would like to have done my homework and have the company’s and sewing contractors already set up. Right now we are using wholesalers for smaller quantities and our sewing contractors would not be able to keep up if we grow to much. Any info I can get would be gratefully appreciated. I am not new to business but I am new to this type of business. Thank You for your time, Rhonda

Rhonda: Visit www.newyorkbindingco.com for all your bias tape needs. They may also have some leads for you on the Velcro. Also visit www.seams.org, to find a sewing contractor in your area, or one nearby.
As far as fabrics, start your search here at Fabrics.Net. Add your name and fabric needs to our search area, and one of our associates, should be able to respond to your fabric needs.
Good Luck,

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