Looking For Sales Reps. In The U.S.A

Hi Andy,
I have seen your page while I am looking for sales rep. We are sales office of Turkish fabric producers in USA. Our office is in Maryland. We are looking for sales reps in USA for upholstery fabrics. We are the member of IHFRA and IFAI. We placed an ad . Unfortunately, we haven’t gotten proper response so far. Could you please us advise how we can find sales reps for our company

Ilker: Try taking out a small classified ad in Home Textiles Today (www.hometextilestoday.com), the magazine read by folks in your industry. Visit and attend the wholesale upholstery fabric show in High Point, NC ( www.itma-showtime.com), and post your position available in areas where it is appropriate.
Ask your customers to recommend someone.
Good Luck,

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