Low Cost Method To Keeping Clothing Clean

I’ve been avoiding dry cleaning wool pants for as long as possible—how do I keep them reasonably clean till then? Can you suggest a easy low cost method of keeping my navy blue and black wool pants going without dry cleaning.
Can I use a mild soap and water or is dry brushing the answer?
ps. what do you think about the dry cleaning products that you use at home?

Dear Guy: You’ve already spent the money on the clothes. Wear them, enjoy them and dry clean them. They may last for several years. You could have purchased cotton slacks, but they may not have looked as nice. Cotton can be washed. Dry cleaning at home may work, but if it doesn’t, then what do you do with the wool pants then? Forget about the cost of cleaning. That should be the least of your worries. Be Happy that you have wool pants. Good Luck, Andy

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