Make Fabric Lighter By Sunlight

I’m doing a science fair project on the affects of light on fabric. I am going to see if you get the fabric lighter by fading it in natural sunlight or by using a flash camera. I was told that for every flash a camera has on fabric is like 4 days worth of natural sunlight fading. I was wondering if you could give me some info on this topic because you seem very well educated on fabric fading. Thanks!

Dear Carly,
Try it and see what happens! Remember, the premise of the scientific method is to make a theory – x causes y, for example – and then to set about disproving it. If you can’t disprove it, then you can postulate that it might be true.
I really don’t know about flash bulbs, and I am unclear how much time in the sunlight it takes to actually fade something. Try different kinds of fabrics to see if there is a variation based on the fiber content.
In my experience, acetate is the most unstable fabric. I have had acetate velvet fade just sitting in the closet. Silk will fade and sun damage, too. Cotton and linen are more sturdy.
Keep me posted on your results!

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