Make your holiday dress quick and easy with Silk Knit Jersey!

One of our most popular fabrics is our Silk Knit Jersey which works well for any pattern that calls for medium stretch knit.¬† Over 40 colors to choose from, 60″ wide.

Kirsten Longly is designing a beautiful dress combining textures and various types of fabric including our Silk Knit Jersey. This dress shows how well the silk knit jersey drapes. It is a very fluid fabric. Check out the dress in progress:

Silk Knit Jersey Dresswww.kirstenlonglydesigns.com8/22/12

concept was made for. There are three of these pieces in the collection each one of a differing material and slightly different make. Utilizing silk organza, rayon velvet, ruched velvet, crushed georgette and silk knit jersey.


RebbSew made her own design for a Christmas Dress and gives step by step instructions.

This video shows you how to make a simple Christmas dress with silk knit jersey. the fabric i used is from Fabrics.net www.fabrics.net


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