Make-Up Stains On Cloths

I hope that you can help me. I splurged and bought a beautiful black skirt and when I was applying my make-up I noticed a dot of it on my skirt. I tried to rub it off with water and made it much worse. There is a light spot on it now and I would like to re-dye the whole skirt, because the spot is in the front of the skirt and noticeable. Can you suggest either a method for me to try or someone (perhaps yourself) who would be able to help me. I look forward to your response.

Dear Diane,
Well, there are several things to try here. The very first thing I would do it to take it to the finest dry cleaners in your town for a consultation. Make up is generally soluble, and silk, being a natural fiber, can be cleaned.
Alternatively, depending on the fit, cut, and construction of the skirt, you could wash the skirt by hand in Woolite for black fabrics. What you want to avoid here is shrinkage or changing the finish of the fabric. If it is very fitted or tailored, or has a shiny, smooth finish to the fabric, then immersing in water may change what you have there.
Now for your question on dyeing. Dyeing black is possible, but it is the hardest color to get. Again, it depends on the fabric and cut of the skirt. Dyeing involves immersing the fabric in warm water, so shrinkage and fabric stress are always possibilities.
Good luck, and let me know if you would like further information. A lot depends on the fabric and its construction at this point. If nothing can help your beautiful skirt, and you truly love it, you could take it to a dressmaker and have one exactly like it constructed.

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