Making A Long Black Coat

Dear Andy, I am making a long black coat for school coursework and I’m finishing off by putting the lining in. The thing is I red all of the pattern instruction and it didn’t say to cut out any lining for the side front, which also attaches the sleeve, so… I didn’t cut any out! but I don’t think that’s right as now I cant attach the lining for the sleeve and only half the cot is lined! surely this cant be right? !! I now don’t have enough material to cut the rest of the lining out as it said I didn’t need any more than I got! is this right and what should I do? thanks! Lu

Dear Lu: We don’t do much sewing ourselves. We are passing your request on to our resident sewing expert, Judith. Good Luck, Andy

Check with your instructor, often the pattern for the coat front is also the pattern or the lining, check this piece carefully to see. You may need to buy more fabric for the front linings.

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