Making Custom Shirts

I saw recently a custom made Men’s shirt made from the classic Burberry print – which had been magnified up several times to make very large squares.
I am seeking some of this fabric to have some shirts tailor made – and seek advice It was NOT obviously a Burberry shirt.
a). in where I can obtain this fabric from(I live in Surrey in the South of England) and what sort of price I SHOULD PAY?
b). What types of fabric you suggest I should consider – to make several hard wearing men’s short sleeved shirts (with pockets) size XXL. (should I be looking at Silk, cotton or a mix of materials?
c).How much material (in your estimated opinion) should I need to make a single XXL men’s short sleeved shirt

Dear Ian: I’m sorry to inform you, but copying a Burberry design on to a fabric, not produced by Burberry themselves, is quite illegal.
We suggest you save up your Pounds and Pence ( or Euros) and buy yourself a genuine Burberry shirt. I’ve seen them around, and they are quite the look.
Happy Shopping and Good Luck, Andy

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